1I have major hair loss. Can I come into the salon when no one else is there?
At La'shus Hair Designs and Day Spas each client is treated as a super VIP. We book one client at a time and provide luxurious individual designing rooms for your comfort and privacy.
2How long will it take to add my hair extensions?
We're very fast. In most cases your hair extensions can be added in under 2 hours.
3Can I blow dry and electric curl my hair extensions?
Yes, we use only the finest quality human hair for your extensions.
4How much will my hair extensions cost?
Each individual is different. The price is based on style, length, fullness, and the condition of your hair. We do offer a free consultation.
5How long does my hair have to be to add hair extensions?
At least 1 inch long.
6What are your hours of operation?
We're open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.